Best Android Keyboard Apps For More Speed And Better Customization


When the customizable keyboard market started, each keyboard had to offer something to make it a favorite over the default. Some keyboard apps offer options change colors and themes, while others provide more distinctive input options. As a result, there are now hundreds of different apps that offer keyboard services for android devices. Although the original phone keyboard app is good enough, if you want to get more options, using a standalone keyboard software is usually a good idea.

In this article, we will provide some of the best options for Android keyboard apps. Of course, the options here are not equal. Some keyboard programs have features that are not available in the others, and each keyboard has a set of features designed to attract users.

Gboard (Google Keyboard)

Gboard – the Google Keyboard (Free, Google Play) →

This keyboard app is simply the basic keyboard for Android. Gboard comes pre-installed and defaults For Nexus and Pixel phones. However, it can be said that this keyboard is your best choice if you want a smooth and simple typing experience but with many additional features as well.

The appearance of a Gboard keyboard can be greatly controlled. They can change their color or theme, control their size, and make the keys larger or smaller depending on your preference. No other keyboard can match Gboard. This simple keyboard is full of free features.


Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard (Free, Google Play) →

Swiftkey keyboard is one of the oldest and most popular in this category over the years. This keyboard is top-rated because of the unique writing way (Swipe to type or tap to type). It also contains many other features that have kept it today as one of the best keyboard options already.

Some of the features of this keyboard are professional customization. You can change the theme of almost anything. It is even possible to add an image from the gallery as a keyboard background. And many endless options. Of course, the keyboard has many unlocked features that require payment for it, but even according to the included free features, it can provide an excellent typing experience.


Fleksy: The Private Keyboard -GIF, Emoji & Sticker (Free+, Google Play) →

This keyboard is different from the rest of the apps in terms of the features it focuses on. Instead of focusing on appearance, Fleksy offers a wide range of add-ons that make use better. You can use YouTube-specific extensions to easily find a video, send the link to someone else, or simply find fun photo stickers or GIF.

Of course, the fun additions to the Fleksy keyboard don’t mean losing features. The design is easy to use and very comfortable. Many different themes and colors can be used to customize your keyboard. In addition, this keyboard has some useful add-on options such as dragging to delete an entire word or canceling space and replacing it with a user-selected drag method.


ai.type English Dictionary (Free, Google Play) →

This keyboard focuses on artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. Of course, naming it as artificial intelligence is highly misleading, but what is important here is efficiency, and in this area, the keyboard is even superior. It focuses on predicting the words (or emojis) that the user may want to type next, and the longer you use the keyboard, the more “accustomed” you become and therefore more successful in giving appropriate suggestions.

AI.Type keyboard is very similar to the usual. Here are some customization options, themes, and even some useful add-ons, but there is nothing different about other apps, but the main focus is on typing and speeding up.