Best Weather Apps That Let You Know The Weather Easily And Quickly On Your Android Device


For many years, televisions and radios have been the main source of weather monitoring. But now that the weather services are online, you just need to install a weather app on your smartphone to track the weather anywhere you want, So in this article, we will tell you the best weather apps to install on your android smartphone.

Yahoo Weather: The most popular choice of weather apps

Price: Free

Yahoo Weather (Free, Google Play) →

Yahoo Weather is one of the best free available weather apps, allowing you to choose 20 cities to track weather changes, and the ability to show ten-day weather details for each location you choose. The app also has a simple map showing countries by temperature and wind speed.

This app has a beautiful design that makes its interface more realistic and interactive than most other weather apps, because the background of the app is a picture of the city of your choice, and some additional changes to the interface depending on the time and temperature. The app also supports Widgets that have a lot of different options.

The Weather Channel: The most popular weather app

Price: Free (in-app purchases)

Weather Alerts & Storm Radar – The Weather Channel (Free+, Google Play) →

This application is one of the best options for those who need to check the weather every hour, where it can alert you when any sudden change in the weather with the possibility of customizing those notifications such as Do Not Disturb mode and customize things you want to be alerted about such as sudden rainfall and lightning and many more, It also has a map that provides up-to-date information on weather changes in many places around the world.

The Weather Channel has daily news and videos about the weather and accidents caused by storms in some countries and has many privacy options that allow you to view and select the type of data you want to be collected and Delete them or request a copy at any time.

1Weather: Perfect alternative option

Price: Free (in-app purchases)

1Weather : Forecasts, Widgets, Snow Alerts & Radar (Free+, Google Play) →

1Weather is one of the most famous and oldest weather apps. It has all the necessary features like displaying weather forecasts around the clock and day with many additional details such as wind speed, humidity, sunrise and sunset times and other information. It also allows displaying the status of the moon changes status.

The app has a simple interface that allows access to most of its tools from the home page by simply swiping left or right. You can track the weather for several cities at the same time, with a limit of 12 different cities. Or hurricanes and display their possible paths on the map.

Weather Live: The best weather app and widget

Price: Free (in-app purchases)

Weather Live (Free+, Google Play) →

This application has the option to send a report on your weather in case of an error in the information it provides, as this contributes significantly to improve the service with the help of users who report any wrong information that they may receive. Weather Live also contains everything you expect from any other weather program, such as the ability to add multiple cities at the same time, with notification alert feature in case of sudden changes in the weather and many more.